Igniting Power and Service: A Vision Quest for integrated leadership

Wednesday, July 19th (5pm) – Sunday, July 30th (1pm), 2017

Changing Sky Retreat Center, in the high desert near Snowflake, Arizona


Leadership is a lifetime journey of becoming more fully integrated and expressed as yourself, in service to something bigger than you. It’s about honoring the call of your purpose, crafting a compelling vision, cultivating inner power, and showing up in ever greater service to a world in need.


Stepping into the next level of your leadership often requires stepping out of the familiar contours of your everyday reality and into a “time outside of time”. Here you can dive deep into the inner territory of soul, without distractions, and listen for how you’re truly being called to grow, show up, and serve as a leader.


Igniting Power and Service offers you this. It’s a unique kind of Vision Quest program that provides a safe and supportive container for deep inquiry and discovery, all focused on your transformation as a leader.


Combining the best transformative practices from the ancient world with 21st-century adult development principles, we start with the gold standard for cultivating capacity in leaders and blend it with a timeless nature-based hero’s journey. Then we weave it all together with deep coaching and ongoing incorporation support.


The synergistic outcome of this is a contemporary rite of passage program designed to support you in boldly stepping into and fully actualizing the next chapter of your leadership journey.


How it works


Igniting Power and Service unfolds in 3 phases: Preparation, Vision Quest, Incorporation.




Once you step across the threshold and commit to the journey, the Preparation begins. We’ll start by sending you a copy of Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results which will provide a comprehensive background on the stages and development patterns of leadership development, and a compelling rationale for why it should matter to you.


You’ll then take the accompanying Leadership Circle Profile Self-Assessment so you can get an insightful snapshot of where you currently are in your development as a leader. In a private one-on-one debrief of your results, we’ll help you identify where the greatest potential lies in your growth, power, and service as a leader, as well as hone in on your intentions and desired outcomes for your Vision Quest.


Following this, we’ll have two group calls to prepare you and your fellow Questers for all aspects of the Vision Quest – both internally by clarifying intentions and cultivating psychological readiness, and externally by addressing logistics and protocol to assure your well-being and safety.


Vision Quest


The Vision Quest itself will take place in the high desert region of central Arizona on wild land that’s part of a private, rustic retreat center (http://changingskyretreat.com/the-land/) dedicated to supporting transformative work.


Part juniper-clad, rolling hills, part wide-open, flat-topped mesa, the land offers an astonishing view all the way to the eastern horizon – a perfect geography for calling in your vision of new possibilities. The 6000-foot elevation ensures the weather should be pleasantly warm and not scorching hot, making it delightful for an outdoor experience in the summer


To get there if you’re coming from out of state, you’ll fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, rent a car (it’s best if you can coordinate and rideshare with your fellow Questers), and make the 3.5-hour drive. Consider this part of your journey a pilgrimage that affirms your dedication to your transformation as a leader.

After your arrival, we’ll complete your preparation process collectively as a group, then send you across the threshold of human-made boundaries on a solo Vision Quest into the heart of your soul-based calling.


For four days and nights you’ll be held in the arms of wild nature and the spirit world as you open into the next expression of your leadership, holding your intentions close to your heart. During this time, you will be fasting from food although you’ll have water and basic camping equipment to be safe on your journey. Your guides will be close at hand throughout your solo time, should you need our help.


Upon your return from your solo time, we’ll have abundant time for you and your fellow Questers to each tell the story of your experience and to receive mirroring that allows you to harvest the deep wisdom you’ve been offered from your time in nature. For some, this reflection stage can be the most impactful aspect of the whole journey.


We’ll complete our time together in retreat by beginning the incorporation process, so you can take your precious new insights and internal shifts and use them to guide and inform the next chapter of your life as a leader.




The incorporation process following the Vision Quest will include six months of once monthly group coaching calls (from August 2017 – January 2018), facilitated by your guides. This extended coaching container will provide you with support, guidance, peer-level accountability, witnessing, fierce calling forth, and love, all to help you:

  • Listen and respond to what’s emerging in and through your leadership

  • Share what’s working and what isn’t as you put new ideas into action

  • Co-creatively imagine the most effective strategies to continually move you forward

  • Access the collective wisdom of the group so you can live and lead from the transformation you experienced on your Vision Quest


For many people, this is the most challenging part of the journey because it means stepping into new territory, making impactful changes, and actualizing your new insight into your everyday life and work back home.


Our intention with this ongoing group coaching is to give you the rich support needed so the transformation you experienced on your Vision Quest is truly rooted into and endures in your work, business, and personal life.


What makes this different?


While there are a multitude of ways to grow yourself as a leader, many are primarily skills-based that add to your current leadership repertoire but don’t actually develop your consciousness to a new level. And most unfold incrementally over time.


It’s rare to have an opportunity like this where you:

  • Go beyond skill development to dive deep into who you’re called to be as a leader

  • You leave behind the endless distractions of the everyday world and immerse yourself in a transformative cocoon in nature so that the change you seek can take a quantum leap into expression


Your guides


Your Igniting Power and Service guides, Praveen Mantena and Susanna Maida, have over three decades of combined experience in guiding nature-based rites of passage and facilitating vertical leadership development. You can read more about our individual journeys and guiding experiences in our respecting bios by clicking on our names under our Meet the Team section.


This offering is the fulfillment of our shared lifetime dream of bringing deep, nature-based ceremonial practices to modern leadership development in the 21st century. We invite you into our dream so we can help you live and lead from yours!


The investment


Igniting Power and Service is a thoroughly unique experience, the likes of which are very rarely offered in either leadership development programs or in the nature-based guiding world. Because this is the first time we’re offering a program with this integrated focus and structure, we’ve kept the cost affordable compared to what a program of this depth, breadth, and format would normally cost in the executive leadership world.


The program tuition is $2975.


This includes all guiding, food, and facility fees during the Vision Quest portion of the program, plus group coaching fees during the six months of incorporation support. It doesn’t include your travel costs and whatever additional expenses you incur to attend the Vision Quest.


A $775 deposit is required to register and secure your spot. This deposit is non-refundable unless we cancel the program.


You can either pay in full when you register (with $775 of your total payment counting as your non-refundable deposit), or you can pay just the $775 deposit to secure your spot and then get your $2200 balance owed to us by June 19th, 2017. There’s a button for either payment option at the end of this page.


Our cancellation policy is as follows: Aside from the $775 non-refundable deposit, the $2200 balance of your payment is completely refundable should you need to cancel prior to June 19th. Between June 19th and July 3rd, the $2200 portion of your payment of is 50% refundable. After July 3rd, no portion of your payment is refundable should you need to cancel.


Are you ready to answer the call?


The call to conscious integrated leadership is an internal one. And it’s insistent. If you’re feeling it, you know it.


You also know how easy it can be to convince yourself that you’re too busy, not yet completely, absolutely 100% ready, or that you couldn’t possibly take this much time to focus on growing your leadership in this manner. You may also be feeling afraid of what might be at stake should you really chose to follow the path that’s calling you.


We get it. We’ve been there ourselves, so we know from experience how convincing the voice of fear can be when trying to get us to back away from the bold transformation our heart is reaching for.


We also know there’s work you’re here to do that only you can do, a business you’re called to grow, a purpose you’re meant to make a difference through. And it needs you to develop your consciousness and uplevel your leadership.


Because we understand this inner tension between the call of leadership and the comfort of the familiar, before you register we invite you to have a conversation with us to discuss what this program can offer you and how it can evolve you as a leader.


Igniting Power and Service isn’t for everyone so this conversation is meant to help us together determine whether it’s the right fit for you at this time. This mutually honors the integrity of the group and creates a well-crafted container for those who are truly ready to answer the call.


And always, we ask you to trust the place of your deepest longing to guide you to the right choice for you!


Your next step


If you have further questions or are ready to move forward, please contact us and tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in Igniting Power and Service. We’ll then schedule a conversation with you to explore your goals and desires, assess whether this program is a fit for you, and confirm your right-for-you decision.


If you’ve already talked with us and been confirmed, please go ahead and sign up with the registration deposit below. We’ll follow up with you on the logistics and preparation details for the program.

We hope to see you in the desert this summer!


Susanna and Praveen