Grant Hunter


Co-Founder, Purpose & Impact advisor

I’m a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of corporate training, marketing and franchising experience in the U.S., Japan, and Peru. I’ve been immersed in and based out of the Silicon Valley, involved in a variety of e-business activities for a Fortune 500 company and a boutique marketing startup I helped launch and later sell in San Francisco called INBOX Marketing, and in my role as Founder/ CEO of Microfranchise Solutions (MFS). It was through MFS that I promoted enterprise solutions to poverty in the developing world in Peru and in over 30 other countries.

Higher purpose has really been the through-line of my own evolution in my role as a social entrepreneur over the last 10 years and now working with companies as a purpose guide and leadership development consultant. There is a restlessness in the marketplace for conventionally successful people in business who hunger for more, who feel called to play a bigger game and take a longer view.

I’m really interested in working with people and organizations who are facing down that existential crisis of meaning, who may have got everything they wanted by mainstream standards, and still feel empty. Given how much time people spend at work, it’s imperative that they heal the wound between money and meaning and between profit and purpose in their professional lives.  

There’s never been a better time for awake and engaged individuals to get active, in both small and bigger ways. The explosion of the impact investment space, sustainability in business, forms like the B-corp and social enterprise and entrepreneurship – all of these are artifacts of a consciousness that is recognizing and feeling into the reality of our shared experience as brothers and sisters in a living cosmos.

The good news is that realigning around higher purpose unleashes more engagement, productivity, satisfaction, and ultimate contribution in life. We don’t have to submit to the devil’s bargain of either financial profit OR social impact OR environmental sustainability. These new emergent forms are making it possible to bring it all together, bringing more coherence and integrity to our work and to our world. The intersection of wisdom, action, and livelihood holds great interest for me and is the driving force behind my work at Syntropy helping others lead lives of deep purpose, authenticity, and service.

Education and Other Relevant Trainings:

  • BA, Psychology, The University of Iowa

  • MA, Instructional Design and Technology, with an emphasis on HR Development, The University of Iowa

  • Certified Purpose Guide, Purpose Guides Institute