➫   If purpose is the intentional and aspirational work of an organization, its            fulfillment is in the impact it delivers in the world.

➫   By bringing impact into the heart of a business and earning money                        through the positive work done in the world, business can deliver impact            reliably and at scale, thereby shifting from merely doing no harm to being          an active force for good in the world.

➫   Through consulting and the practical application of Shared Value™                       strategies, Syntropy facilitates the development of purpose-aligned                       projects, programs, and partnerships to help you develop your capacity to         deliver fully on your impact objective.


Discover How Your Business Can Be a Force for Good in the World

In our introduction to impact, learn about the history of corporate citizenship and the evolution under way from charity (giving back), to sustainability (minimizing harm), to helping create a restorative economy and thriving world for all (world-changing impact). Reorient your understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility from a separate bolted-on program that you spend money on, to a fully baked-in competitive advantage through which the company earns money by solving big social and/or ecological problems.

With this new perspective, you’re invited to consider whether you’re called to adopt a Shared Value™ strategy for finding business opportunities in addressing social and ecological problems, based on your organization’s higher purpose and core competence.

Align Your Company’s Core Competence and Higher Purpose to Solve the Needs of the World

Combining a Shared Value™ deductive mapping process and strategic consulting, Syntropy will guide you in discovering the nexus where your organization’s core competence and higher purpose meet the particular problems of the world that you’re best suited to solve.

More specifically, we’ll look at possibilities for 1) solving social and ecological problems through reconceiving your products and services and opening new or underserved markets, 2) enhancing productivity in your value/supply chain, 3) supporting the clustered development of skill level and capacity in individuals and institutions in the communities where you operate, as a means to bolster productivity, innovation, and growth.

The result is you’ll identify the most potent ways that responding to world problems can translate into a powerful and profitable business opportunity for you and your organization.

Use the Power of Partnerships to Enhance Your Impact

In some cases, particular problems you may feel called to solve cannot be translated into viable business opportunities for your organization. But you’re still committed to find a way forward anyway. When that happens, through coaching, consulting, and matchmaking, Syntropy will help you connect with like-missioned domestic nonprofits or international NGOs so you can realize your desired impact through the power of collaborative endeavors.