A timeless dynamic dance exists between two complementary forces in the universe – the disintegrating force of entropy and the re-organizing force of syntropy.

In a system closed to input from the larger environment, like any machine is, entropy dances solo and brings chaos and ultimate demise. Too many modern businesses are run like machines, with extraordinary energy expended in an attempt to mitigate the ravaging effects of runaway entropy.

Yet in an open system, like any living system is, the disordering effect of entropy serves a generative purpose – to break down old patterns that are no longer working. Syntropy then moves the system toward an emerging, higher-level order that embodies greater complexity, coherence, and resilience.

As the business world grows increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, organizations that embrace syntropy evolve the remarkable ability to reorient themselves to every radically new situation they encounter. The outcome is flexible stability on the edge of chaos, a capacity to creatively navigate the unknown, and a self-sustaining potential for thriving that was previously unavailable.

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