At Syntropy, we care deeply about the future of our world.

We recognize that humanity is at a turning point as old structures and ways of doing things that are no longer serving us are coming undone. Meanwhile, vibrant new possibilities are beginning to emerge everywhere.

We’re inspired to champion and lead this wave of transformation and work on behalf of creating a world that supports our collective well-being.


A world where business is the leading driver in solving our greatest problems, and through doing so, creates a flourishing future for all.



Helping leaders in every business industry to walk their purpose talk – aligning their entire organization behind a higher cause while transforming themselves and their company – to deliver the greatest positive impact.



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Purpose is both a guiding orientation and a consciousness to inhabit as we unfold our vision, mission, and calling. Because purpose tends to evolve, it requires our ongoing attention. With purpose pointing the way, we know how to chart our course. Without it, we risk being adrift in a big, chaotic world. If purpose is our alpha, the starting point, then the impact we create through it is our omega, the outcome. 



As visionaries, we imagine paradigm-shifting new possibilities for business that can generate prosperity and thriving for everyone. Not content to create only within already existing boundaries, we like to play with the boundaries, stretch them, venture beyond them. When we do, we’re more than willing to do the work required – inner and outer, one step at a time, committed to the long view – to turn a vision into reality.



Being integral informs how we see and do everything. Rather than approaching things from a siloed perspective, we embrace how everything fits together in the greater whole – within an organization, in an ever-widening net of external stakeholders, and ultimately, as part of the living biosphere of our planet. Integral invites us to act as boundary-spanners, meeting people where they are, before opening up new possibilities for them.



With authenticity, we drop the mask and dare to reveal ourselves. We honor that we are all perfectly flawed human beings inside, and all the better for it. We’re committed to learning from our mistakes and imperfections, rather than hiding them. Sharing vulnerably from our very human journey – in appropriate ways – grows deep trust and allows us to lead powerfully from the heart.



Take the leap and work through the rest. Our world is facing unprecedented challenges and is growing increasingly interdependent, complex and uncertain. Hanging out in the status quo is no longer safe, it’s like clinging to a sinking ship and only perpetuates the problem. We advocate releasing old limiting dogmas on how to run a highly profitable business and are called forward by an evolutionary approach and bold action.