➫   You have a higher purpose and your organization does too.

➫   Aligning yourself and your people with it propels you all to a new level of            passion, engagement, fulfillment, and contribution.

➫   Through our deep-dive discovery processes, Syntropy guides you in                      naming and aligning with your personal purpose and the purpose of your            organization.


Taste the Possibilities of Living and Leading from Purpose

We love talking about purpose. Our introduction to higher purpose orients you to the territory of individual and organizational purpose – what purpose is, the levels in which it can show up, where and how it matters, an exercise to discover your purpose, and insight on how to integrate it effectively into the daily functioning of your life and organization.

Discover and Embody Your Personal Purpose as a Leader

Our purpose discovery process synthesizes a range of tools and techniques drawn from our leadership coaching backgrounds including, the True Purpose Institute, the Purpose Guides Institute, and the School of Lost Borders in guiding you in identifying your purpose at a deep, fundamental level. When this has been clarified, we align key areas of your work and personal life with this purpose, systematically reduce any resistance to embodying it, and support you in leading more effectively from it.

Discover and Align with the Guiding Purpose of Your Organization

Using a similar toolkit we guide you in giving voice to the evolving purpose of your organization. This is a collective process, so it is important to have a healthy range of people from your organization contributing. It is also important to help individuals align their own purpose with that of the organization as this supports authentic engagement and long-term commitment. 

Since a purpose can remain a conceptual idea until you tie it to an expression in the world, stepping into the organization’s purpose and embodying it often comes in the form of impact work, such as taking on a new product, project, or partnership driven by and aligned with the organization’s purpose.