➫   Old ways of thinking and leading that are unconsciously reactive are not            up to the task of leading your organization to the highest impact it is here          to make.

➫   What’s far more effective is leadership that’s creatively responsive, which        means developing a deeper inner capacity and evolving the underlying                state of mind that informs your actions.

➫   Through a comprehensive 360° assessment, leadership coaching, and                  immersive cohort-based programs, Syntropy helps you grow your                          leadership capacity reliably and permanently.


Discover the Power of The Leadership Circle to Accelerate Your Growth as a Leader

Leadership is essential in order to make the shift to a more purposeful, engaging, and impactful business. In this introduction, experience an integral model of leadership (The Leadership Circle™) that goes way beyond the pre-fabricated or piecemeal approach typically found in leadership development.

As we guide you through an informal self-assessment, a snapshot emerges of the current state of your leadership. It points to where your strengths are as a leader, what’s not working in your current leadership style, and why. From here, you can start to see how this might be impacting your business, and get to the next steps on what to do about it.

Evolve Your Leadership Capacity with The Leadership Circle Profile™

The Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment (LCP) accelerates the growth of leaders beyond traditional competency-based approaches to create deeper, and longer-lasting results. As the gold standard in leadership development tools, the LCP simultaneously provides feedback on a leader’s capacity in terms of both inner game (consciousness) and outer game (competency). By understanding the relationship between how you habitually think, how it informs your actions and behaviors, and how this ultimately impacts your effectiveness as a leader, a new level of leadership development can proceed. Without this essential awareness, enduring change can be rare.

We follow the LCP with an in-depth debrief and one-on-one follow up coaching to help you as a leader get to the root cause of ineffective behavior, understand why you're showing up as you are, and create sustainable breakthroughs in both awareness and consistent performance in the workplace.

Bridge Leadership Effectiveness to Business Success with The Promise of Leadership™

This experiential workshop sets the context for how developing leadership translates into enhanced business performance. It powerfully introduces The Leadership Circle’s™ Universal Model of Leadership and offers an experience of its underlying developmental framework that moves leaders from ineffective Reactive Leadership tendencies to effective Creative Leadership competencies. It also sets a compelling rationale for long-term systemic leadership development and creates authentic hunger in leaders to grow themselves and their leadership capacity.

Cultivate Your Organization’s Collective Leadership with The Leadership System™

If the true power of an organization’s leadership lies with how effectively its leadership team works together, then a systemic approach to cultivating collective leadership is needed. The Leadership System™ offers a long-term, comprehensive way to grow your senior leaders and the leadership system of your organization.

Starting with the LCP 360° assessment for each individual leader and continuing with ongoing one-on-one coaching, it also includes a monthly, Syntropy-guided, peer coaching and accountability cohort for your senior leadership team, along with a leadership competency curriculum and periodic pulse checks to support each leader’s commitment to their own growth.

The Leadership System™ is flexible in design and can span a few months to multiple years based on what’s needed to  best meet your business performance goals.

CEO Hero's journey in Our Year-long Program

Being a CEO of an organization is often described as ‘lonely job’ with long hours, endless demands on your attention, and missing a rule book with your name and instructions on it on how to do it well. But great leadership is not served by such an isolated journey, instead join us in a year-long leadership immersion with a group of your peers.

This program covers all the significant aspects of leadership including communication, attention management, how to be a great learner, emotional and relational intelligence, systems thinking, best practices in leading your teams, and more, in bi-weekly training calls alongside your peers. It’s augmented with one-on-one coaching and a Vision Quest retreat in a remote setting. Along the way you’ll get to the heart of where your genius lies, cut through the bullshit no one else is calling you out on, and unleash your greatest capacity to serve your organization as a leader.